The Middle Man supplies food & beverages to their worldwide customers on a daily basis. The company also has a sourcing service to help them find other products.

Existing products

Over the years our company has developed a large network of strong suppliers worldwide resulting in the company being able to offer a wide range of products made by loyal manufacturing partners who are striving for excellence all along the production process.

New products

Global sourcing oriented, our company has an accurate procurement strategy aimed at exploiting global efficiencies in production making it possible to supply the very best products to meet any of our customer's needs.


Thanks to the presence and control of our team as well as the support of the most reliable surveying and inspecting companies worldwide, The Middle Man ensures optimum quality and the safest transaction for their clients.

Quality Control

Our company arranges testings of a wide range of materials, products and components to support our client product and material quality requirements, quality assurance scheme, and troubleshooting needs, while abiding to international standards.

Production inspection

Our company ensures production processes and quality checks which is strictly recommended in case of large quantity orders or ongoing production lines.

At all stages of the production cycle a detailed inspection report will be issued within 24 hours of the inspection allowing customers to follow the work that is being undertaken. This provides the customer with a quality safety net as well and the security that manufacturers will supply the required quality.

Cargo inspection

Our company helps to protect high value bulk commodity cargos by significantly reducing the risk of loss exposure to the trading parties involved.

Inspection occurs during critical transportation times such as custody transfers, storage operations, and measurements of cargo quantity and quality.

We survey and test a significant sample of products from bulk storage tanks, tankers, cargo ships, barges, shore storages, transfer facilities, rail-cars and warehouses.

Loading inspection

Our company checks quantity, quality and the packing conditions of the goods.

We then ensure that the container loading process and the goods handling procedures are going as planned while checking that safety, quality and cleanliness requirements are met as well.


The Middle Man works closely with the strongest carriers and freight forwarders all over the world in order to offer competitive rates and excellent services.

Our qualified and professional team has all the required knowledge and experience when it comes to the art of shipping and export documentation.

International Freight

Our company works closely with the strongest carriers and freight forwarders all over the world in order to offer competitive rates and excellent delivery services.

We arrange delivery by truck, rail, sea and air shipments to anywhere in the world and set up the best logistical option for optimized transportation, in of course, the best condition at the lowest cost.


Our Logistics Department is made up of highly qualified professionals who all possess the required knowledge and experience to perform any project at hand related to shipping documents and international regulation.