The Middle Man has been founded in Hong Kong as a direct result of the long career the founder has pursued in the field of global trade. By the time the company was founded, the company could already count on a well developed worldwide network as well as sustainable relationships with the strongest suppliers in the commodities industry.
Later on, experience led the company to diversify its activities into developing a sourcing and supply chain service for companies willing to secure their purchases throughout Asia. This helped partners avoid any potential “systematic risk” which traditionally occurs while working in an unknown environment.

Vision and Mission

The Middle Man is a company whose values are dually axed on the very notions of excellence and ethics and believes that nothing can be achieved without a care for the details and a sense of responsibility.
This is why all our team members are fully committed to providing top expertise and services to attain the greatest satisfaction of our clients.

Products and Services

The Middle Man is specialized in commodities but also provides sourcing services for consumer goods.
All requests are treated according to a strict process and followed-up until destination, ensuring that the right products have been delivered on time at the right place and for the right price.